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Whether your loved one drafted their final wishes or not, R. V. Taltoan, PLLC is here to manage the process of winding down their affairs so that you can mourn peacefully.

A Goal without a wish is just a dream

            -Antoine de Saint-Exubery

R. V. Taltoan  PLLC, provides small business owners with proactive legal solutions to support their goals while protecting their venture.  Attorney Taltoan, collaborates with small business owners through the lifecycle of their enterprise from startup to sucession planning

Here to Protect YOUR Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone has an estate, yes even YOU. If you do not take the time to establish your wishes the State of NC will dictate your affairs. R. V. Taltoan, PLLC provides estate planning packages customized to meet your needs and that protect your loved ones.

Here To Protect Your Pursuit Of Happiness

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